When I feel bad, I want to feel better!

There are times when I am not in a very good mood or for whatever reason and in whichever way - I simply feel bad. It is not a good feeling and certainly not the one I'd want to keep around and nurture into out-of-proportion expansion. Because by now I've learned that the bigger it grows, the more time it takes to dissipate.

So, whenever I notice that feeling of heaviness in my tummy-area, I start looking for ways to lighten things up - right away.

First, I ask myself an easy question, "What do I want?"

The answer to that is always the same and very obvious, "I want to feel better!"

"Why do I want to feel better?"

  • ​Because feeling bad sucks!
  • Because I'd rather be feeling good!
  • Because I like feeling energized and frisky and eager and inspired and happy and young and inspired and beautiful and feminine and radiant and confident and uplifting and inspired and creative and successful and full of life and flowing great ideas and just be who I really am!

Rainbow I saw first thing this morning. It was carrying a very clear message, too which I understood perfectly! 🙂

Rainbow first thing in the morning, photo by Daria Perse
  • Because there are things to appreciate all around me, no matter where I am, no matter what I'm doing, no matter who I'm doing it with. And I would much rather be focused on good things in my life because they make me smile, they make me feel good, they help me thrive and blossom and prosper. And so be it!! 🙂

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