The power of (ancient) traditions

One of the things I appreciate most about living on this planet is its vast variety. In a small (or more profound) way, one way or another, every human being adds their own colorful piece to this ever-expanding, ingenious mosaic of an environment, fit to host conscious life.

There is a reason for our personal uniqueness - it's precious to growth and necessary in order to reach new perspectives. But despite the technological boom in recent decades, ancient wisdom and traditions prove to be invaluable, more than words can say. 

About one thousand members of four communities from the opposite side of the river ​Apurimac in Peru have been working together since the time of Incas. Year after year, for centuries, they create an art piece of a grass rope suspension bridge, called Q'eswachaka. It is so unique and different (especially for people from western culture) that it is now attracting attention of many.

This hand crafted bridge represents the continuous link between people, their land and their culture. Thankfully, some ancient traditions survived the test of time, they are just that powerful!

Bridge at Q’eswachaka in Peru, Copyright Federico Tovoli, Photojournalist

Image credits: © Federico Tovoli Photojournalist

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