Scripting to feel better

Today, for the first time, I'm including scripting into my morning routine. Writing has been calling me pretty much all of my life, or as long as I can remember. But since the calling is subtle, and I can only hear it occasionally, when I am tuned into that higher frequency of the source, it was rather easy to push it aside and expect it to wait in a corner (that's how most people treat their dogs, isn't it??) for another time, when I have time for that...

​I'm adjusting my attitude toward the people in my life and my surroundings to a better feeling one by reaching for thoughts that will make me feel better, at least for some time:

  • ​People that surround me are friendly and good at what they do.
    Since there's a big construction in progress around my home, this seems like a very good way of thinking about all these guys with hats indeed!! πŸ™‚
  • I wake up in the morning, looking forward to a new day, new experience, new inspiration, new creativity, new people, new adventure. It's good to be alive in this time and space, when life is better than ever and the leading edge thought on a higher level than ever, expanding by the moment.
  • I am individual with my own, unique talents, skills, points of view, experiences, beliefs and expectations, yet I fit right into a whole, big picture with the other individuals, like a piece of puzzle. And the wholeness is colorful, interactive and ever changing.
  • I feel appreciation for individuality and uniqueness of every human I meet in my life because every one contributes their best to a greater whole, to growth and expansion of the source. Thinking and feeling that way makes me feel worthy, makes me feel that my life has a purpose, bigger than I ever understood before.
  • I am good at what I do and clients and dollars flow to me easily while I'm having fun doing what I do. I'm loving it!! My creative juices keep flowing and the source responds with vibration that attract to me people who are on the same wave length, radiate the same frequency.
  • People I'm closest with are loving, generous and brilliant. Although they are just as unique as I am, in their own ways, they are at the same time allowing me to have my own freedom, they are supportive of what I do and they acknowledge my value. I wouldn't mind having more of the kind in my life!! πŸ™‚

A few days ago I found these fall colored leaves on a tree that looks like some kind of a maple in the woods nearby. They looked stunning against the bright green spring foliage and cloudless, brilliantly blue sky.

Fall colors in spring by Daria Perse
Brilliant red against bright green of spring by Daria Perse

​In this next segment of my day

  • ​I want to feel relaxed
  • I want to feel good
  • I want to be efficient
  • I want to have clarity
  • I want to be inspired
  • I want to be creative
  • I want to be productive
  • I want to be flexible
  • I want to feel energized
  • I want fresh ideas to flow to me
  • I want to smile
  • I want to feel satisfied
  • I want to feel fulfilled
  • I want to feel appreciation for everything and anything that life serves me
  • I want to listen to my guidance and follow it
  • I want to feel loved, guided, protected and provided for
  • I want to feel radiant and confident
  • I want to keep in mind that everything always works out for me
  • I want to come out of this segment looking and feeling fresh and start a new segment of my day on the same, positive note

Today's scripting was inspired by Abraham. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the many times you've helped me find the way to feel better!! πŸ™‚

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