Old, black and white photos of Dunbar, Scotland

After much searching I found some old photos of the Scottish town where John Muir was born. There is no information about the year these photos were taken but I’m guessing that’s what Dunbar looked like somewhere around John Muir’s lifetime (1838 – 1914).

Looking at the photos left me surprised. Then I found out that Muir’s family home was located at the town’s business district. I can’t help myself but feeling even more respect for John’s devoted appreciation for nature. While reading the story about his youth I was assuming he was a country boy, living in the midst of wilderness. Apparently not so.

Update: Unfortunately, those photos are no longer available for sharing.

Dunbar Castle, Scotland

Dunbar Castle, Scotland

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Annie Marie Peters says

These photos are a great find. Many thanks to you and Sandy for sharing them! It’s nice to have this brief window into John Muir’s world. Seeing the urban setting he grew up in gives us a better appreciation for how hard he fought for wilderness preservation.

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