My Bald Cypress tree “Vita” in 2015

One of the longest lived giants in the kingdom of trees, Bald Cypress, with scientific name Taxodium distichum, got its name for being deciduous, meaning, dropping its fern-like leaves in fall, after turning tan, cinnamon and finally fiery orange. 

Although traditionally Bald Cypress is the signature tree of southern swamps, this beautiful tree ​with pyramid-shaped crown when young, also does well in yards, as a shade tree on parking lots, lining the streets, as well as in cities as far north as Milwaukee, WI, and on dry hills in Texas.

This cypress grows slow and lives long. Its trunk has stringy texture in a palette of interesting colors. From horizontal roots Bald Cypress often grows "knees" which are supposedly providing air to drowned roots in swampy conditions. 

Did you know?

  • ​That bald cypress trees are no longer harvested for timber all that much because they are so slow growing and nothing but trouble for loggers in their natural, swampy habitat.
  • That bald cypress mature trees wood is rot-resistant.
  • That bald cypress trees growing along rivers and wetlands play an important role in soaking up floodwater and preventing erosion.
  • That bald cypress trees trap pollutants and prevent their spreading.
  • That bald cypress trees serve as nesting and breeding grounds for several wildlife species. 
  • That the stoutest known bald cypress (in the Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge near Baton Rouge, Louisiana) grew a trunk with diameter of 521 cm (205,11 inches) at breast height.
  • That the tallest known bald cypress tree towers the surrounding grounds with 44.11 m (144.71 feet) in height near Williamsburg, Virginia.
  • That one of the oldest still living plants in eastern North America is a bald cypress specimen, located in Bladen County in North Carolina, estimated to be more than 1,620 years old.

I planted one of these amazing trees about a year ago in my own yard. For now my bald cypress, called "Vita" - in honor of a very special person in my life, resides in a large wooden box. And it seems to be doing really good. I can't provide a swamp for it, but I water this precious tree as often as all the other plants around my home.

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Oscar K says

Wether is Lamb gulash or Bald Cypres please Daria keep writing to me . I love it . You are very special .
I will be in the German club on 5111 Lantana road , Lake Worth next Friday nov . 20 for the international dance .
All the best and keep me posted ……….Oscar

Anne Gombocs says

very interesting. I learned a lot from this posting.

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