Lily Tree from first bud to first bloom - photos by Daria

Lily tree overnight miracle

I love April with all the overnight changes in nature and blooms springing into their best-looking appearance after the sleepy, less colorful time of winter months. Central Florida proved to be quite challenging for gardening with its persistently hot and long summer and a few freezing cold mornings in winter. Thanks to that, I'm pretty sure, I got to test more varieties of plants than I ever imagined - to find those that would stand up to both extremes.

One of the new varieties I'm testing for the first time is Lily Tree. This is their first year in my yard and I'm eager to see how they perform. So far, I've been impressed! If they continue thriving so throughout the year, I'll be ​excited to purchase some more in a different color this coming fall. Yaaaay! 🙂

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