Forever young

Clouds, moving through time, by Daria Perse

Clouds, moving through time, by Daria Perse

What kind of thoughts/attitude could help me achieve that?

Here are some ideas, volcanic eruption of desire to remain youthful and feeling good in my physical body:

  • ​I want to maintain my zest for life
  • Every morning, when I wake up, I want to feel frisky for life and new adventures and experiences
  • I want to feel energized and exhilarated and youthful
  • I want my body to continue to perform at its peak performance
  • At each moment I want to feel the source energy flowing through my body
  • I want to be surrounded by people who talk about wellness
  • I want to love and pamper my body
  • I want to be a vessel through which life force flows and I want my body to receive the benefits of that life force
  • I want to be eternally youthful and vital and alive - for as long as I choose to be
  • I want to keep exploring new things and have new experiences
  • I want to have interest in new things because interest/stimulation keeps me youthful and feeling alive

Most people agree than one can stay young forever - in their heart. And yet, every time they meet a new person, they want to know their age. Why? So they can compare, judge, rate the level of success in that human's life? And why is not-knowing making them uneasy?

Years ago I realized I no longer had any interest in anyone else's age and I also stopped talking about my own number of calendar years, spent on this planet in this lifetime. ​

I received a mixed bag of reactions. Some people took my no-age-policy in good humor while ​others felt outright offended. It took me some time to stop minding either one of the responses, even when a caring person went as far (to make things right!) as publicly announcing my age to a larger group of people. 

What age really is is moving through this time-space reality. Just like clouds, like planets, like the seasons. But spring never gets old, does it?

Humans have been and still are avid measurers of time​, therefore it's a challenge to remove oneself from the feeling of ageing as the years go by. But it is possible to remove oneself from the feeling of declining. 

Clouds are forever young, by Daria Perse

Clouds are timeless, forever young - so is the sky, by Daria Perse

Last but not least, countless people I met gave me the same advice, over and over: "Don't ever get old, it's no fun!"
My answer to that was always the same.
I said, "I promise!"
It's one promise I intend to keep... 🙂

Oh, by the way, today's scripting was also inspired by Abraham. What a blessing you all are!

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