Everything is in perfect order

Whenever I manage to surrender into a feeling that everything is in perfect order, the Universe is orchestrating the circumstances and events to deliver to me all the things that are in perfect vibrational harmony with what I am wanting.

  • ​I feel eager for all that - which is to come
  • everything is always working out for me
  • I am very much appreciating an opportunity that enables me to be creative and gets some dollars flowing
  • I want to continually expand my physical energy
  • everything that happens to me is part of the process
  • I am exactly where I need to be
  • when I line up my energy, the Universe is ready to yield to me anything and everything I can possibly imagine - and more
  • I want to deliberately feel good, more often, because feeling good is what's natural
  • I want to feel joyful, eager and passionate
  • I want to be in a state of clarity, knowing and love - with life force flowing through me
  • I am always loved, guided, protected and provided for
  • the Universe is always responding to the purity of my thought
  • everything that comes to me or happens to me, matches my vibration (that's how I create my own reality)
  • every day things get better and better
Everything is in perfect order, by Daria Perse

Everything is in perfect order, by Daria Perse

  • I have the ability to make the right decision at all times
  • everything is in perfect order

This morning's post was inspired by Abraham. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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