Dreaming up another mischief?

Just for some fun, and a break from tiring research I was working on for most of the day, I looked at some fan art drawings and found three pieces that I want to share here, to brighten everyone's day. Enjoy!! 🙂


Little Ariel above is daydreaming on seaweed. Although this is just a finished page from a coloring book, I love the way the picture is colored. Very cheerful!
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This is a simple yet such a powerfully expressive drawing and I can easily imagine George Weasley will have a grand new magic trick all worked out - as soon as he snaps out of his daydreaming state. He must be dreaming up another mischief for sure!

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Pure happiness on the young man Jared's face while his horse Tex is daydreaming... or maybe it's the other way around? Stunning drawing and colors keep making me smile!

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Annie Marie Peters says

What a nice little trio of drawings! It’s funny how fan art can make you think about the original work in an entirely different way. I especially love seeing Ariel. I wonder what she’s daydreaming about! 🙂

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