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Tulip flower themed event, kitchen or dining room

Elegant and graceful tulips are one of world's most recognizable flowers. The shape of their blossom in fool bloom has turban-like appearance and they also originate from Persia and Turkey area. Rare a few centuries ago, tulips stirred up some economies, especially in Netherlands, because their bulbs became so sought after and valuable that the period around 17th centuries is still known as tulip-mania.

Different colors of tulip flowers have different meanings. To name a few, purple tulip means royalty, white is for forgiveness, yellow tulip represents cheerful thoughts, red is for perfect love, and orange for energy, enthusiasm, desire and passion. Knowing all that, the red/orange/yellow trio below looks like a prefect combo to adorn just about any item and makes a meaningful gift.

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Bowls, mugs, cups

24 oz. ceramic soup bowl with tulips

16 oz. ceramic chili bowl with red, orange and yellow tulip flowers

Tulip flowers ceramic coffee mug

Fine bone china espresso cup

Bone china cup with bright orange tulips

Red. orange and yellow tulips on frosted glass mug

Gift wrapping paper and ribbon

Matte-finish gift wrapping paper with tulip flowers on black background

Tulip flowers on black gift wrapping paper
Tulip flowers on black gift wrapping paper by DariArts
Look at Flowers Wrapping Paper online at

Gloss-finish wrapping paper with colorful tulips on blue background

Tyvek gift wrapping paper with tulips on white background equalis high-end presentation

Linen wrapping paper, sturdy yet recyclable, with bright tulips on pink background, feminine and elegant 

Grosgrain RIbbon will add uniqueness to any gift wrapping or craft project

Orange tulip flowers and stained glass gift wrapping paper for your most special gifts

Orange tulips and stained glass wrapping paper
Orange tulips and stained glass wrapping paper by DariArts
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Sunflowers on ceramic dishes always look cheerful and uplifting

The sunniest, always cheerful sunflower looks good on ceramic dishes, especially the cuddly Teddy Bear variety, petite and adorable.

Fortune sunflower morphing mug
Fortune sunflower morphing mug by DariArts
View Sunflower Mugs online at zazzle

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Forget-Me-Nots on glass drinkware

Tiny flowers with endless and meaningful symbolism of true love and fond memories attached to them make every gift you give to yourself or others - even more special.

If we spend our days waiting for fabulous roses, we could miss the beauty and wonder of the tiny forget-me-nots that are all around us. 

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Forget Me Not

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Forget-Me-Nots on ceramic plates and cups

Although forget-me-not flowers are petite and kind of shy, they remain a symbol of true love and fond memories. Throughout the history they had many legends with ever-lasting-love theme attached to them and there are lots of people who adore these little beauties. Printed on ceramic mugs or plates, maybe personalized with recipient's name, they will always make a very meaningful and thoughtful present for anyone dear to your heart.

There is a German legend that just as God had finished naming all the plants, one was left unnamed. A tiny voice spoke out, “Forget me not, O Lord!” And God replied that this would be its name.

Dieter Friedrich Uchtdorf
Forget Me Not

One of a kind custom Forget-Me-Not flwr chili bowl
One of a kind custom Forget-Me-Not flwr chili bowl by DariArts
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Stars and Butterflies on ceramic

I much prefer reusable, ceramic dinnerware to any kind of plastic, paper and Styrofoam. Aesthetically pleasing design makes dining experience even better and if colorful stars and butterflies are not enough for you, add some inspiring or funny text. Bon appetit! 🙂 

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Sun and Shade

Photo credits: Daria 

I am sharing

the magic I feel in my heart

through my artwork.

Daria Perse 
sharing inspired beauty               

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