Broken heart takes love to heal

​There are quite a few lessons I've learned in my life and the list is way too long to mention them all in here.  The one that's very much on my mind today, though, is:

One can fall in love or get heartbroken at any age.

Falling in love and being in love is a delicious ​experience most people desire. And noone really needs instructions or a how-to guide on how to fall in love. It's one of those times when the heart takes over and the mind feels powerless, no matter how many objections it might come up with.

A broken heart, on the other hand, takes some conscious effort to heal. A decision to move on. Strength to forgive. ​A choice to think about something else. Willingness to look at something that makes me happy, even if only for a moment. Courage to go out and be with people. Daring to laugh. Some time, the shorter the better, to grieve. Treasuring happy memories. Curiosity to learn something new. Trusting that life can still be beautiful.  Faith that all is well, Belief that everything always works out for me. And more than anything, loving yourself.

Broken heart takes love to heal, lots and lots of love by myself - for my-self, for the true me, infinite spiritual being that I am. Only when I truly and completely love myself, just the way I am, my heart will heal and feel as light and fluttery and playful as a butterfly again...

Doctoring her seemed to her as absurd as putting together the pieces of a broken vase. Her heart was broken. Why would they try to cure her with pills and powders?

Leo Tolstoy
Ana Karenina

Broken heart's tears

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