Beautiful snowdrops flowers pictures and meaning

The first flowers, announcing upcoming spring season while there's still snow on the ground, delicate looking white snowdrops,  symbolize hope and new beginning. Also known as fair maids of February, Mary's tapers, bulbous violets, emblem of early spring, maids of February, candle-mas bells, their Greek name "Galanthus" stands for milk-white flower and Latin "Nivalis" means resembling snow.

Snowdrops poking from snow

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Along with carnation, snowdrop is a flower for birthdays, celebrated during the month of January.

First snowdrops flowers

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​The snowdrop legend 

When Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, Eve was about to give up hope that winter would ever end. When an angel transformed some of the snowflakes into snowdrops flowers, showing her that cold winter eventually gives way to spring season, snowdrops became a symbol of hope.​

Snowdrops and snow covered ground

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​By producing their own heat, snowdrops actually melt the snow in their surroundings. Pretty amazing little flowers, wouldn't you agree?

Closeup of the snowdrop flower after the rain

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​In Grimm brother's original version of the fairy tale nowadays known as Snow White, the main character's name was actually Snow Drop

Snowdrops in spring

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​In several religions the spring appearance of snowdrops also symbolizes the return of gods.

Snowdrops and wasp

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​The results of some research on possible healing properties of snowdrops suggest they might be beneficial in treating certain neurological issues like Alzheimer's disease.

Snowdrop and ladybug

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​Although there are more than 100 varieties of snowdrops growing in colder climates all around the world, they all have white flowers.


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