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Lily tree overnight miracle

I love April with all the overnight changes in nature and blooms springing into their best-looking appearance after the sleepy, less colorful time of winter months. Central Florida proved to be quite challenging for gardening with its persistently hot and long summer and a few freezing cold mornings in winter. Thanks to that, I'm pretty sure, I got to test more varieties of plants than I ever imagined - to find those that would stand up to both extremes.

One of the new varieties I'm testing for the first time is Lily Tree. This is their first year in my yard and I'm eager to see how they perform. So far, I've been impressed! If they continue thriving so throughout the year, I'll be ​excited to purchase some more in a different color this coming fall. Yaaaay! 🙂

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I Am thankful

I Am thankful.

It's a lovely feeling to keep around throughout my day.

Bright orange sun impatiens flowers - Photo by Daria

Image credits: Daria

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Let us thank…

Marcel Proust (1871 - 1922)with a full name Valentin Louis Georges Eugène Marcel Proust, was a French novelist, critic, and essayist

Let us be grateful to people

who make us happy;

they are the charming gardeners

who make our souls blossom.

Misty rose - Photo by Daria

Image credits: Daria

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882)American essayist, lecturer, and poet

I awoke this morning

with devout thanksgiving

for my friends,

the old and new.

*** *** ***

​For each new morning with its light,

For rest and shelter of the night,​

For health and food,

For love and friends,

For everything Thy goodness sends.​

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Ode to nature

Nature is pure magic. The sights Mother Nature offers are magical...

Observing nature quietly is pure bliss. Feeling the breeze, caressing my skin and messing up my hair, makes my heart smile and flutter around in freedom of beautiful thoughts and wildest dreams...

Salty air the ocean is sending my way is filling my lungs with life and vitality and I feel infinitely thankful for being able to enjoy endless wonders all around...

Ode to Nature, Photo by Daria
Quiet spot, Photo by Daria

Images credits: Daria

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Happy Halloween

May only the good witches enter your world,
May full moon light up your darkest nights,
May you plant only the most abundant crops,
May you harvest only the sweetest fruits,
May fat spiders eat the pests... 🙂

Happy Halloween and every day thereafter,

From my heart...

Happy Halloween greeting

Artwork and sentiment credits: Daria

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A beautiful sunset

I love getting up early to catch the first sun rays color the sky. the clouds and the tops of the trees with those magical colors that keep changing in intensity and whereabouts every second.

When that's happening I usually stand in my bathroom, looking out the window and the beauty of the birth of a brand new day never ceases to amaze me.

I like the sunsets just as much and today I was fortunate to catch on my camera an outstanding sight of the sky just before it covered itself with the darkness of the night. Here it is, I'm sharing it with you, even though I'm not sure that the picture does the beauty I witnessed any justice. 

Southern sky at sunset

Photo credits: Daria

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Often times I write down citations that very strongly resonate with my heart in that moment. From here you can find a small collection of those quotes that inspired me recently. Enjoy! 🙂

Beautiful lilies

Photo credits: Daria

Table of contents

Pink hibiscus and yellow butterfly

Photo credits: Daria

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Sun and Shade

Photo credits: Daria 

I am sharing

the magic I feel in my heart

through my artwork.

Daria Perse 
sharing inspired beauty               

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The shades of beauty

Beauty comes in every shade (color), size and shape.

Beauty is timeless.

Beauty is ageless.

Beauty is infinite.

Beauty is inspiring.

Beauty is uplifting.​

Colorful leaves of Virginia Creeper vine

Image credits: Daria

Beauty means something different to every one of us. There's a lot of beauty in imperfection. 

Beauty can be found inside the smallest detail as well as in the big picture.

A day spent looking for beauty all around me is a day worth living​!

Everything has beauty , but not everyone sees it. 

Later portrait of Kong Qui, better known as Confucius,  from the provincial museum of Shandong, China Confucius (551 - 479 BC)
Chinese philosopher

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Why it makes sense to forgive…

Forgiveness is calling the butterfly to break free of the bondage of negative feelings of anger, betrayal and sadness,  to let go of all the grudges - and fly into a thriving, joyful world of flowers and rainbow - where every butterfly belongs. Because well-being and happiness is everyone's birth right - and the most natural order of things.
(Description of the image below)

Forgiveness Butterfly

Image credits: Daria

Sooner or later everyone experiences people or events that are much easier to despise and hate  - then forgive them and forget. Against most people's belief, however, hating and holding on to the feelings of anger is like poisoning ourselves - while at the same time keeping our happiness and personal growth at bay.

To make things even more challenging, who we need to forgive the most, is also the person who we want to forgive the least. Yet, no matter how difficult forgiving might be, forgiveness always, always, always means freedom. Freedom from bondage of negative feelings and thoughts, freedom to follow our hearts. ​

My reasons to choose to forgive

Feeling hurt does not make me feel good.

I'd rather feel good than feel hurt.

When I harbor the feelings of hurt, betrayal or sadness - I feel like I'm being chained into a cage of negativity that's sinking deeper and deeper into a dark gap.

I much prefer flying free, like a butterfly or a bird and breathe fresh air, smell the flowers and praise the beauty of life all around me.

Hating someone is a dark place to be in.

I love the light, the sunshine, the blue sky and the rainbow much better!!​

Not being able to forgive is like being stuck in a mud hole. The more offended and hurt you feel, the deeper into the mud you sink.

My feet were created to move free, to run across green meadows with colorful blooms, to rest in the cooling shade of mighty trees, and to swim in crystal clear waters​ all across the blue planet. Mud belongs to other creatures.

Resentment feels heavy. It's dragging me down.

Everyone is responsible for their own behavior and actions. We all harvest what we saw. Therefore, there's no need for me to punish or resent anyone.

The only one my criticism is really hurting - is me.

I carried burdens of judging others long enough.  ​Now I choose to love myself and others instead.

Fear of not being good enough is strangling my connection to the Source and prevents inspiration from flowing.

For as long as I do my best, I am good enough!​

Guilt is most often installed into us by authorities - to manipulate us into a certain behavior.

I am willing to forgive myself.​ I am willing to forgive my parents. I am willing to forgive everyone else who tried to emotionally blackmail me at any point in my life. I choose to no longer live in the past.​

Shame is another one of limitations from the past and holding on to it is preventing me from moving on to a higher quality of life.

I am willing to give up my resentment of things that happened in the past. I choose to live in the present moment, I choose to be me. I choose to follow my heart.​

Bitterness seals the door to my heart and prevents me from being able to love unconditionally.

I choose to release my bitterness and open my heart widely -  to everything that makes me smile.​

Happy Butterfly

Image "Happy Butterfly" credits: Daria

I forgive myself, and I set myself free.

Louise Hay
Meditations to Heal Your Life

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Broken heart takes love to heal

​There are quite a few lessons I've learned in my life and the list is way too long to mention them all in here.  The one that's very much on my mind today, though, is:

One can fall in love or get heartbroken at any age.

Falling in love and being in love is a delicious ​experience most people desire. And noone really needs instructions or a how-to guide on how to fall in love. It's one of those times when the heart takes over and the mind feels powerless, no matter how many objections it might come up with.

A broken heart, on the other hand, takes some conscious effort to heal. A decision to move on. Strength to forgive. ​A choice to think about something else. Willingness to look at something that makes me happy, even if only for a moment. Courage to go out and be with people. Daring to laugh. Some time, the shorter the better, to grieve. Treasuring happy memories. Curiosity to learn something new. Trusting that life can still be beautiful.  Faith that all is well, Belief that everything always works out for me. And more than anything, loving yourself.

Broken heart takes love to heal, lots and lots of love by myself - for my-self, for the true me, infinite spiritual being that I am. Only when I truly and completely love myself, just the way I am, my heart will heal and feel as light and fluttery and playful as a butterfly again...

Doctoring her seemed to her as absurd as putting together the pieces of a broken vase. Her heart was broken. Why would they try to cure her with pills and powders?

Leo Tolstoy
Ana Karenina

Broken heart's tears

Image credits

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I’m letting go of all the mind clutter

"I'm letting go of all the mind clutter... I'm letting go of all the mind clutter... I'm letting go of all the mind clutter...," is the thought that came to mind as I was sitting quietly early this morning. 

Right away this new idea felt uplifting. As I embraced it, my heart literally transformed into a butterfly, light and fluttery and playful, dancing around my chest and making me feel like an innocent child, carefree and blissful.​

So, I'm letting go of all the mind clutter, including

  • ​grudges
  • hurts
  • feelings of guilt and anger
  • judgement
  • sorrow
  • worries
  • fear
  • sadness
  • and any other thought that feels like it's dragging me down...

My heart feels like a butterfly...

My heart feels like a butterfly

... and instead planting my mind with seeds of happiness, open my conscious mind to thoughts of appreciation, use my eyes to seek beauty, welcome inspiring thoughts and keep smiling at my butterfly-like heart... 🙂

I lovingly forgive myself and others.

Louise Hay
Author of self-help books and founder of Hay House
Butterfly-like heart

Both images above credits

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Beautiful snowdrops flowers pictures and meaning

The first flowers, announcing upcoming spring season while there's still snow on the ground, delicate looking white snowdrops,  symbolize hope and new beginning. Also known as fair maids of February, Mary's tapers, bulbous violets, emblem of early spring, maids of February, candle-mas bells, their Greek name "Galanthus" stands for milk-white flower and Latin "Nivalis" means resembling snow.

Snowdrops poking from snow

Image credits​

Along with carnation, snowdrop is a flower for birthdays, celebrated during the month of January.

First snowdrops flowers

​Image credits

​The snowdrop legend 

When Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Eden, Eve was about to give up hope that winter would ever end. When an angel transformed some of the snowflakes into snowdrops flowers, showing her that cold winter eventually gives way to spring season, snowdrops became a symbol of hope.​

Snowdrops and snow covered ground

Image credits​

​By producing their own heat, snowdrops actually melt the snow in their surroundings. Pretty amazing little flowers, wouldn't you agree?

Closeup of the snowdrop flower after the rain

​Image credits

​In Grimm brother's original version of the fairy tale nowadays known as Snow White, the main character's name was actually Snow Drop

Snowdrops in spring

Image credits​

​In several religions the spring appearance of snowdrops also symbolizes the return of gods.

Snowdrops and wasp

​Image credits

​The results of some research on possible healing properties of snowdrops suggest they might be beneficial in treating certain neurological issues like Alzheimer's disease.

Snowdrop and ladybug

​Image credits

​Although there are more than 100 varieties of snowdrops growing in colder climates all around the world, they all have white flowers.


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April through the eyes of fractal design artists

  • "A gush of bird-song, a patter of dew, A cloud, and a rainbow's warning, Suddenly sunshine and perfect blue-- An April day in the morning."
    ~ Harriet Prescott Spofford, "April"

April green flower fractal art

​Image credits

Fractal spring flower of April

​Image credits

Last April flowers fractal art

​Image credits

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April flowers and April showers

The month of April is my personal favorite time of the year when everything springs into life (in northern hemisphere, anyway), the time of uplifting spring season when after April showers, April flowers not only look beautiful, but outright magical.

Spring bloom after the rain

Image credits

Dripping spring branch with buds

​Image credits: Shutterstock

April Harmony, spring blooms, trees and blue sky

​Image credits

April flowers, blooming tree

Image credits​

Booming columbine in April

​Image credits

Finally spring, blooming fruit tree

Image credits​

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