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Everything is in perfect order

Whenever I manage to surrender into a feeling that everything is in perfect order, the Universe is orchestrating the circumstances and events to deliver to me all the things that are in perfect vibrational harmony with what I am wanting.

  • ​I feel eager for all that - which is to come
  • everything is always working out for me
  • I am very much appreciating an opportunity that enables me to be creative and gets some dollars flowing
  • I want to continually expand my physical energy
  • everything that happens to me is part of the process
  • I am exactly where I need to be
  • when I line up my energy, the Universe is ready to yield to me anything and everything I can possibly imagine - and more
  • I want to deliberately feel good, more often, because feeling good is what's natural
  • I want to feel joyful, eager and passionate
  • I want to be in a state of clarity, knowing and love - with life force flowing through me
  • I am always loved, guided, protected and provided for
  • the Universe is always responding to the purity of my thought
  • everything that comes to me or happens to me, matches my vibration (that's how I create my own reality)
  • every day things get better and better
Everything is in perfect order, by Daria Perse

Everything is in perfect order, by Daria Perse

  • I have the ability to make the right decision at all times
  • everything is in perfect order

This morning's post was inspired by Abraham. Thanks for sharing!! 🙂

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Forever young

Clouds, moving through time, by Daria Perse

Clouds, moving through time, by Daria Perse

What kind of thoughts/attitude could help me achieve that?

Here are some ideas, volcanic eruption of desire to remain youthful and feeling good in my physical body:

  • ​I want to maintain my zest for life
  • Every morning, when I wake up, I want to feel frisky for life and new adventures and experiences
  • I want to feel energized and exhilarated and youthful
  • I want my body to continue to perform at its peak performance
  • At each moment I want to feel the source energy flowing through my body
  • I want to be surrounded by people who talk about wellness
  • I want to love and pamper my body
  • I want to be a vessel through which life force flows and I want my body to receive the benefits of that life force
  • I want to be eternally youthful and vital and alive - for as long as I choose to be
  • I want to keep exploring new things and have new experiences
  • I want to have interest in new things because interest/stimulation keeps me youthful and feeling alive

Most people agree than one can stay young forever - in their heart. And yet, every time they meet a new person, they want to know their age. Why? So they can compare, judge, rate the level of success in that human's life? And why is not-knowing making them uneasy?

Years ago I realized I no longer had any interest in anyone else's age and I also stopped talking about my own number of calendar years, spent on this planet in this lifetime. ​

I received a mixed bag of reactions. Some people took my no-age-policy in good humor while ​others felt outright offended. It took me some time to stop minding either one of the responses, even when a caring person went as far (to make things right!) as publicly announcing my age to a larger group of people. 

What age really is is moving through this time-space reality. Just like clouds, like planets, like the seasons. But spring never gets old, does it?

Humans have been and still are avid measurers of time​, therefore it's a challenge to remove oneself from the feeling of ageing as the years go by. But it is possible to remove oneself from the feeling of declining. 

Clouds are forever young, by Daria Perse

Clouds are timeless, forever young - so is the sky, by Daria Perse

Last but not least, countless people I met gave me the same advice, over and over: "Don't ever get old, it's no fun!"
My answer to that was always the same.
I said, "I promise!"
It's one promise I intend to keep... 🙂

Oh, by the way, today's scripting was also inspired by Abraham. What a blessing you all are!

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Scripting to feel better

Today, for the first time, I'm including scripting into my morning routine. Writing has been calling me pretty much all of my life, or as long as I can remember. But since the calling is subtle, and I can only hear it occasionally, when I am tuned into that higher frequency of the source, it was rather easy to push it aside and expect it to wait in a corner (that's how most people treat their dogs, isn't it??) for another time, when I have time for that...

​I'm adjusting my attitude toward the people in my life and my surroundings to a better feeling one by reaching for thoughts that will make me feel better, at least for some time:

  • ​People that surround me are friendly and good at what they do.
    Since there's a big construction in progress around my home, this seems like a very good way of thinking about all these guys with hats indeed!! 🙂
  • I wake up in the morning, looking forward to a new day, new experience, new inspiration, new creativity, new people, new adventure. It's good to be alive in this time and space, when life is better than ever and the leading edge thought on a higher level than ever, expanding by the moment.
  • I am individual with my own, unique talents, skills, points of view, experiences, beliefs and expectations, yet I fit right into a whole, big picture with the other individuals, like a piece of puzzle. And the wholeness is colorful, interactive and ever changing.
  • I feel appreciation for individuality and uniqueness of every human I meet in my life because every one contributes their best to a greater whole, to growth and expansion of the source. Thinking and feeling that way makes me feel worthy, makes me feel that my life has a purpose, bigger than I ever understood before.
  • I am good at what I do and clients and dollars flow to me easily while I'm having fun doing what I do. I'm loving it!! My creative juices keep flowing and the source responds with vibration that attract to me people who are on the same wave length, radiate the same frequency.
  • People I'm closest with are loving, generous and brilliant. Although they are just as unique as I am, in their own ways, they are at the same time allowing me to have my own freedom, they are supportive of what I do and they acknowledge my value. I wouldn't mind having more of the kind in my life!! 🙂

A few days ago I found these fall colored leaves on a tree that looks like some kind of a maple in the woods nearby. They looked stunning against the bright green spring foliage and cloudless, brilliantly blue sky.

Fall colors in spring by Daria Perse
Brilliant red against bright green of spring by Daria Perse

​In this next segment of my day

  • ​I want to feel relaxed
  • I want to feel good
  • I want to be efficient
  • I want to have clarity
  • I want to be inspired
  • I want to be creative
  • I want to be productive
  • I want to be flexible
  • I want to feel energized
  • I want fresh ideas to flow to me
  • I want to smile
  • I want to feel satisfied
  • I want to feel fulfilled
  • I want to feel appreciation for everything and anything that life serves me
  • I want to listen to my guidance and follow it
  • I want to feel loved, guided, protected and provided for
  • I want to feel radiant and confident
  • I want to keep in mind that everything always works out for me
  • I want to come out of this segment looking and feeling fresh and start a new segment of my day on the same, positive note

Today's scripting was inspired by Abraham. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the many times you've helped me find the way to feel better!! 🙂

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Life of a princess

I became enchanted with a story of a teenage girl who was next in line, given an opportunity to break the family curse and outwit the Story. So she had to live through several fairy tales and play characters of several fairy tale characters while facing all kinds of difficult challenges and of course, evil creatures.

“Whatever comes,” she said, “cannot alter one thing. If I am a princess in rags and tatters, I can be a princess inside. It would be easy to be a princess if I were dressed in cloth of gold, but it is a great deal more of a triumph to be one all the time when no one knows it.”
― Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Little Princess


And the quote above carries a great life lesson, not only for the princesses of this world, but for anyone who encounters hardships. It really is the greatest triumph slash success one can achieve in their life time when in the midst of a challenge can still remain “a princess,” in other words: finds happiness no matter what the circumstances.

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When I feel bad, I want to feel better!

There are times when I am not in a very good mood or for whatever reason and in whichever way - I simply feel bad. It is not a good feeling and certainly not the one I'd want to keep around and nurture into out-of-proportion expansion. Because by now I've learned that the bigger it grows, the more time it takes to dissipate.

So, whenever I notice that feeling of heaviness in my tummy-area, I start looking for ways to lighten things up - right away.

First, I ask myself an easy question, "What do I want?"

The answer to that is always the same and very obvious, "I want to feel better!"

"Why do I want to feel better?"

  • ​Because feeling bad sucks!
  • Because I'd rather be feeling good!
  • Because I like feeling energized and frisky and eager and inspired and happy and young and inspired and beautiful and feminine and radiant and confident and uplifting and inspired and creative and successful and full of life and flowing great ideas and just be who I really am!

Rainbow I saw first thing this morning. It was carrying a very clear message, too which I understood perfectly! 🙂

Rainbow first thing in the morning, photo by Daria Perse
  • Because there are things to appreciate all around me, no matter where I am, no matter what I'm doing, no matter who I'm doing it with. And I would much rather be focused on good things in my life because they make me smile, they make me feel good, they help me thrive and blossom and prosper. And so be it!! 🙂

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Parenting enlightened and better understood

Often in my life, I have to confess, I blamed my parents for certain challenges I was facing, for virtues I haven't learned from them, for things I haven't mastered because they had not taught me... Blame did not improve the quality of my life in any way and I feel really blessed to finally understand (and apply more often!) the following:

  • ​Pointing fingers has no benefits for anyone involved. Instead, it dragged me down - every time, into a downward spiral of minding other people's business instead of my own.
  • All the people that came to play with me during this life time are teachers. Some are pleasant and fun and kind, others are mirroring my own bad feeling thoughts, emotions, fears and worries. No wonder I prefer to stay away from those - thoughts and people!
  • When someone has a great skill that appeals to me, it's worth learning from that person till I master it myself - and then further improve and adapt it to my own unique need or situation.
  • No parents can teach their children everything. They are in the process of learning and growing themselves.
  • Last but not least, how could I ever blame my parents for anything after I chose them myself and knew in advance what kind of challenges I'd be facing during this lifetime?
  • There are only three kinds of lessons every parent has to offer to their offspring: 
    1. Those that don't even apply to a child's life.
    2. Those that one wants to copy because they appear to be very wise or beneficial.
    3. Those that I choose to change or improve because they don't serve me at all.

In conclusion I have to say that my parents were really great. They gave me the best wisdom and example I could ever get from anyone: they were Daring! They dared to be themselves and different in an environment that hadn't been really supporting or kind to "greenhorns." And on top of that, they never advised me to "try to fit in..." And for that alone I feel eternally thankful!

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Ideas worth copying

For some time I had a person in my life who was very helpful with practical, every day tasks around the house and with landscaping. For the last year and a half or so I've been changing my yard and landscaping a lot and I had quite a few really creative ideas that were readily applied around my home.

It now sounds so silly but it really bothered me for a while that this someone then went home and did the same thing there. Feeling this way obviously didn't improve anything at all so I knew I needed to stop​ this thinking pattern and find another perspective. And I did! All of a sudden it hit me that we all only want to copy great ideas!

Hence, I now see the copying of my landscaping improvements as a cheerful confirmation that my finished landscaping projects are useful, to say the least! :)​

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The power of (ancient) traditions

One of the things I appreciate most about living on this planet is its vast variety. In a small (or more profound) way, one way or another, every human being adds their own colorful piece to this ever-expanding, ingenious mosaic of an environment, fit to host conscious life.

There is a reason for our personal uniqueness - it's precious to growth and necessary in order to reach new perspectives. But despite the technological boom in recent decades, ancient wisdom and traditions prove to be invaluable, more than words can say. 

About one thousand members of four communities from the opposite side of the river ​Apurimac in Peru have been working together since the time of Incas. Year after year, for centuries, they create an art piece of a grass rope suspension bridge, called Q'eswachaka. It is so unique and different (especially for people from western culture) that it is now attracting attention of many.

This hand crafted bridge represents the continuous link between people, their land and their culture. Thankfully, some ancient traditions survived the test of time, they are just that powerful!

Bridge at Q’eswachaka in Peru, Copyright Federico Tovoli, Photojournalist

Image credits: © Federico Tovoli Photojournalist

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Collection of my favorite quotes about God

God is the friend of silence.
See how nature - trees, flowers, grass - grow in silence; see the stars, the moon and sun, how they move in silence....
We need silence to be able to touch souls.

Mother Teresa
Religious sister

It is from out of the indivisible silence that creation flows, and this is where we can all make direct contact with our source of being.

From the book 

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
Author, Spiritual Teacher
StThomasMount Theresa

Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu commonly known as Mother Teresa of Calcutta was an Albanian–born Indian Roman Catholic nun. "By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun.

~ Born on Agust 26, 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia
~ Died on September 5, 1997 in Kolkata, India
~ Full name: Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu

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My Bald Cypress tree “Vita” in 2015

One of the longest lived giants in the kingdom of trees, Bald Cypress, with scientific name Taxodium distichum, got its name for being deciduous, meaning, dropping its fern-like leaves in fall, after turning tan, cinnamon and finally fiery orange. 

Although traditionally Bald Cypress is the signature tree of southern swamps, this beautiful tree ​with pyramid-shaped crown when young, also does well in yards, as a shade tree on parking lots, lining the streets, as well as in cities as far north as Milwaukee, WI, and on dry hills in Texas.

This cypress grows slow and lives long. Its trunk has stringy texture in a palette of interesting colors. From horizontal roots Bald Cypress often grows "knees" which are supposedly providing air to drowned roots in swampy conditions. 

Did you know?

  • ​That bald cypress trees are no longer harvested for timber all that much because they are so slow growing and nothing but trouble for loggers in their natural, swampy habitat.
  • That bald cypress mature trees wood is rot-resistant.
  • That bald cypress trees growing along rivers and wetlands play an important role in soaking up floodwater and preventing erosion.
  • That bald cypress trees trap pollutants and prevent their spreading.
  • That bald cypress trees serve as nesting and breeding grounds for several wildlife species. 
  • That the stoutest known bald cypress (in the Cat Island National Wildlife Refuge near Baton Rouge, Louisiana) grew a trunk with diameter of 521 cm (205,11 inches) at breast height.
  • That the tallest known bald cypress tree towers the surrounding grounds with 44.11 m (144.71 feet) in height near Williamsburg, Virginia.
  • That one of the oldest still living plants in eastern North America is a bald cypress specimen, located in Bladen County in North Carolina, estimated to be more than 1,620 years old.

I planted one of these amazing trees about a year ago in my own yard. For now my bald cypress, called "Vita" - in honor of a very special person in my life, resides in a large wooden box. And it seems to be doing really good. I can't provide a swamp for it, but I water this precious tree as often as all the other plants around my home.

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Tulip flower themed event, kitchen or dining room

Elegant and graceful tulips are one of world's most recognizable flowers. The shape of their blossom in fool bloom has turban-like appearance and they also originate from Persia and Turkey area. Rare a few centuries ago, tulips stirred up some economies, especially in Netherlands, because their bulbs became so sought after and valuable that the period around 17th centuries is still known as tulip-mania.

Different colors of tulip flowers have different meanings. To name a few, purple tulip means royalty, white is for forgiveness, yellow tulip represents cheerful thoughts, red is for perfect love, and orange for energy, enthusiasm, desire and passion. Knowing all that, the red/orange/yellow trio below looks like a prefect combo to adorn just about any item and makes a meaningful gift.

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Bowls, mugs, cups

24 oz. ceramic soup bowl with tulips

16 oz. ceramic chili bowl with red, orange and yellow tulip flowers

Tulip flowers ceramic coffee mug

Fine bone china espresso cup

Bone china cup with bright orange tulips

Red. orange and yellow tulips on frosted glass mug

Gift wrapping paper and ribbon

Matte-finish gift wrapping paper with tulip flowers on black background

Tulip flowers on black gift wrapping paper
Tulip flowers on black gift wrapping paper by DariArts
Look at Flowers Wrapping Paper online at

Gloss-finish wrapping paper with colorful tulips on blue background

Tyvek gift wrapping paper with tulips on white background equalis high-end presentation

Linen wrapping paper, sturdy yet recyclable, with bright tulips on pink background, feminine and elegant 

Grosgrain RIbbon will add uniqueness to any gift wrapping or craft project

Orange tulip flowers and stained glass gift wrapping paper for your most special gifts

Orange tulips and stained glass wrapping paper
Orange tulips and stained glass wrapping paper by DariArts
Browse Flowers Wrapping Paper online at

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Sunflowers on ceramic dishes always look cheerful and uplifting

The sunniest, always cheerful sunflower looks good on ceramic dishes, especially the cuddly Teddy Bear variety, petite and adorable.

Fortune sunflower morphing mug
Fortune sunflower morphing mug by DariArts
View Sunflower Mugs online at zazzle

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Forget-Me-Nots on glass drinkware

Tiny flowers with endless and meaningful symbolism of true love and fond memories attached to them make every gift you give to yourself or others - even more special.

If we spend our days waiting for fabulous roses, we could miss the beauty and wonder of the tiny forget-me-nots that are all around us. 

Dieter F. Uchtdorf
Forget Me Not

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Forget-Me-Nots on ceramic plates and cups

Although forget-me-not flowers are petite and kind of shy, they remain a symbol of true love and fond memories. Throughout the history they had many legends with ever-lasting-love theme attached to them and there are lots of people who adore these little beauties. Printed on ceramic mugs or plates, maybe personalized with recipient's name, they will always make a very meaningful and thoughtful present for anyone dear to your heart.

There is a German legend that just as God had finished naming all the plants, one was left unnamed. A tiny voice spoke out, “Forget me not, O Lord!” And God replied that this would be its name.

Dieter Friedrich Uchtdorf
Forget Me Not

One of a kind custom Forget-Me-Not flwr chili bowl
One of a kind custom Forget-Me-Not flwr chili bowl by DariArts
View more Forget me not flower Chili Bowls at

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Stars and Butterflies on ceramic

I much prefer reusable, ceramic dinnerware to any kind of plastic, paper and Styrofoam. Aesthetically pleasing design makes dining experience even better and if colorful stars and butterflies are not enough for you, add some inspiring or funny text. Bon appetit! 🙂 

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